Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Today, many people are doing “do it yourself” projects and try to do everything on their own. However, for an important part of your house such as a roof, it is advisable to hire a certified professional. The roof is the most important part of your home which is why any replacement or repairs on your roof should be handled by professionals. Keep in mind that even though you want to save money by hiring a contractor that isn’t certified you will get what you pay for and that could eventually lead to a major problem down the road.
When looking for a certified roofing contractor make sure they have credentials, contractors must prove their expertise in their areas of work by passing tests. So, when you see that a contractor has a license, you automatically know that they know the latest best practices for roof installation, repair, and maintenance, including all relevant permitting rules. This means they will get the work on your roof done right the first time. With an un-certified roofer, you have no such guarantee.

Texas First Roofing & Construction besides getting all the paper work together for you they also help you with your insurance claim. We explain the details you might not understand and make sure you are comfortable understanding the statements. As homeowners it’s important to know what is covered in our insurance policy and most importantly know what we are paying for. Texas First Roofing & Construction roofing contractors document their work from start to finish and we pass that along to your insurance company. Also, you’ll receive warranties on the materials we use, homeowners will be pleased to know that after the repair or new installation is complete, if there are ever any issues with the roof within a given time frame, it will be inspected, and the problem will be resolved without extra charges.

Another thing that’s important is having a written contract, this offers you protection as a consumer. Certified roofers always provide written contracts detailing the scope of the project, the materials to be purchased, and the timeline for the work, making it easy for you to hold the roofer to their word in completing all the work as promised. The contract will also include a clause called a “mechanic’s lien” which is very important for protecting you from being responsible for the roofer’s unpaid bills to subcontractors or suppliers if they should decide to run off with your money.

Another important benefit of working with a certified roofer is that certified contractors must carry insurance. This protects you against being liable for any costs should a worker damage your property or become injured on the job.

One final reason you should always choose a certified roofing contractor for all your important roofing projects is that certified professionals behave in an ethical manner and always stand behind their work. With this information, we hope you’ll be more attentive and careful when looking for a contractor and before signing anything make sure to come back and look at these tips to make sure they check off on your list for before hiring a contractor. You’ll be glad you trusted in a certified roofing professional for your project.

Texas First Roofing & Construction is a trusted certified roofing company and we’ll be glad to take on your next roofing project. Call us today for a free estimate at 972-709-1517.

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