Four Advantages of Synthetic Roofing

commercial roof leak repair

Four Advantages of Synthetic Roofing

commercial roof leak repair

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Synthetic roofing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when building your new home, but it should at least make it on your list. This amazing new material which is also referred to as composite roof tiles, is quickly taking over the industry for its impressive look and unbeatable value. Offered with companies like Brava Roof Tile, you can easily customize your roofing selection to mimic any of the popular roof styles, including slate tile, Spanish barrel tile, or shake roof. While the look might be the same, the value is not— as synthetic roofing far outranks its natural alternatives with regards to quality. Read on for a few reason this new material is taking over the market.

Made to Last

Most roofing systems have an expected lifetime that is relatively short. Natural brittle materials like those in slate and shake style roofs can only last so long until they need to be replaced. Severe weather can also contribute to this shortened life-cycle as these materials don’t always endure winds and rains as we’d hope. With synthetic roofing, many of these concerns no longer apply. Enduring wind, water and fire damage better than natural alternatives, these new roofing systems won’t require replacement after a few years, or possibly even ever. Backed by a 50-year warranty, composite roof tiles are meant to last at minimum the lifetime of one homeowner in a house, if not much longer. Contact Texas First Roofing for a quote!


Unlike brittle slate and clay tiles, synthetic roofing is extremely malleable and durable. It won’t arrive to your work site damaged or broken like so many natural alternatives will and it will also outlive the exceeded expectations of other roofing solutions. Withstanding extreme cold and hot temperatures better than other tiles on the market, it also even performs well in thaw season, a time that many homeowners experience a higher risk of leaks and damage.

Easy Installation

What many new homeowners don’t realize about about slate and tile roof systems is the incredible weight they bring to a structure. Extra support and work is often required to alleviate this weight, which can run up costs and slow down projects. With synthetic roofing tile this isn’t a concern as its extreme lightweight makes a simple installation possible. Composite roof tile can also be nailed down with a gun, and installed even in cold temperatures.

Better Value

Overall, synthetic roofing is a much better value for your home. Made from 100% recycled material, it’s even better for the environment as it goes outside the normal processes of draining natural resources from quarries and the like. Extra materials won’t need to be ordered for common reasons such as damage and excess weight, and your new roof can be installed virtually any time of year with its easy installation methods. Fully customizable to your liking and made to last for years to come without fear of weather-induced damage, there’s really no question that composite roof tiles are one of the best roofing solutions on the market today.

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