How To Protect Your Home’s Roof in the Winter!

How To Protect Your Home’s Roof in the Winter!

Winter weather is difficult to predict especially living in Texas. Some of the concerns for your property in winter might include: ice, rain, moisture, leaks, and freezing temps, but with these helpful tips rest assured your home can be protected from the costly damage winter weather Texas can bring and avoid a major roof leak repair.

  • Keep the attic cool and ventilated to stop or slow the refreezing cycle.
  • Keep your gutters clear. This keeps ice from accumulating and backing up under the shingles.
  • Worn-out, missing or damaged siding and roof flashing can let water and ice into your home. Be attentive and replace them with time.
  • Invest in a roof rake, a tool that allows you to stand on the ground and safely brush ice buildup off the roof. This will help combat issues and protect your home from serious damage.
  • But an extremely important tip is to avoid using salt or chemical snow melt, this can erode your shingles and gutters and potentially void manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Trim trees year-round so branches don’t fall on your house.
  • If you are unsure how to properly inspect your roof, please invite us to come to your home. We will inspect your roof for weather damage at no cost to you.

As you prepare for the winter season, it’s important to remember that safety comes first. Regular inspections of the roof are critical in protecting your residential or commercial property.

For more tips on roof leak repair or for more help protecting your roof from those roof repairs this winter, give us a call at 972-709-1517.

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