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From time to time if you look up “Roof Repair Near me,” in your search engine, you’re likely to spot numerous roofing companies and it might be difficult to go with one that fits your needs, but at Texas First Roofing & Construction you will have to look no further.

The roofing contractors at Texas First Roofing & Construction are ready to listen to your roof repair needs and help you express your style and showcase the beauty of your home. With TAMKO’s Heritage shingles line be ready to experience vivid colors, dramatic style, and add warmth and dimension to your home. With their distinctive granule mix and unique color drops it will be adding curb appeal to help ensure the perfect look for your home.

TAMKO® was inspired by woodsy brown, stormy grey’s and along with other hues found in nature, these colors will help you craft a roof that fits your style. You’ll never have to worry about looking for roof repair near me again in your search engine.

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If you’re a resident of Arlington TX, and would like more information regarding the TAMKO Heritage Shingle Series contact us for a free estimate by calling 972-709-1517. We are there for you when you need us. We offer services to entire Arlington TX area.

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