The Merits of Luxury

Luxury is Defined as a state of great elegance. The advantages of true luxury products increase over time. The more time you spend using them, the more you appreciate them. It comes at a price because it delivers both value and pleasure.

Something of true quality will validate your choice every day that you enjoy it and every time that you look at it. It’ll bring you peace of mind as well as the pleasure of enjoying its enduring style and performance.

Born of technology, Inspire perfectly imitates noble materials while providing the distinct advantages of advanced manufacturing processes and product design without compromising aesthetics and performance. Unsurpassed beauty and superior performance are the quintessential qualities that define luxury, and precisely why discerning homeowners choose Inspire roofing products for their home.

Arcella Shake

Rustic Aesthetics, Superior Performance

Arcella Shake offers the warm, rustic aesthetics of hand-split cedar shake, without the maintenance and safety concerns of wood. Arcella Shake’s advance polymer composite technology insures products will not rot, crack, split, warp, or require the maintenance of wood. Authentic colors and subtle shade variations create an inviting, natural look in every piece of Arcella wood shake while helping to mitigate the risks of fire, hail, or wind.

Color Mix

Inspire color mix program allows you to choose as many as six different colors for an Aledora Slate mix and up to five colors for a Classic Slate mix to create a roofing color palette that is uniquely yours. With Inspire mixes, there is never any need to shuffle tiles from multiple bundles prior to installation. Each bundle from Inspire roofing products comes factory sorted and ready for application. Create your own mix that fits your homes style.

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