A Roof for the Ages

A genuine clay tile has a story to tell, a tale of legendary craftsmanship, timeless taste, and uncompromising values. For over 5,000 years, visionary people have crowned their homes with clay tile roofs. It continues to be a cherished tradition because of its lasting beauty and enduring strength over time.

Made from natural materials, the raw clay is literally transformed by fire. It becomes an aesthetic object shaped for time-tested style and performance, and it can remain virtually unchanged after decades of service. Clay tile roofs make a bold statement about a way of life and the art of living.

The Best Possible Clay Tile Roof

Boral’s passion is to create the best clay possible, a symbol of premium roofing. Artisan inspired, crafted with care for the earth and sense of value. This American-made tile is produced in a cutting-edge facility.

Stringent quality control assures tiles that look consistently exquisite and install smoothly. Supporting tradition with design innovation, the tile allows for customized installations including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns, and more.

2-Piece Mission

True two-piece Mission barrel tiles speak of history, security and luxury. With a simple, practical design that dates back to the Bronze Age, mission tiles have adorned the roofs of palaces, temples and the early missions in California.

2-piece Mission tile is a perfect execution of a timeless tradition. Durable, colorfast and manufactured with the most modern methods and the highest standards, 2-piece Mission tiles distinguish your home with unmatched beauty and elegance.

2-Piece Monarch

The Old-World charm of traditional small-barrel, high-arch clay tile is captured exquisitely by the two-piece Monarch tile. For the truly inspired designer or homeowner, this authentic Mediterranean style offers more closely refined roof that is distinctive, vibrant and universally appealing.

Monarch tiles are rich with the time-honored aura of kiln-fired clay, made with modern consistency and efficiency to the most exacting standards of quality, strength, and durability.

1-Piece “S” Tile

The sophisticated composition of one-piece “S” clay tile accents the curvature of the roof, creating a distinct, elegant dimensional color. The covers and pans of classic barrel tile are joined into a single, strong, efficient piece that radiates the traditional clay tile appeal.

US Tile by Boral clay tile is crafted with meticulous care. 1-piece “S” tile is designed to allow custom options such as boosting for that artisan inspired installation ​while saving time and cost, making clay tile beauty and value available at substantial savings.

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