Why Tile?

Natural Protection

​Attic temperatures measured using identical heat sources simulating the sun’s radiation comparing standard Boral concrete roof tile to a common asphalt shingle. The result is less heat in the attic and lower energy bills.

Hail Rated

  • Boral has a complete offering of Class 3 and Class 4 Impact concrete tile, the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry.
  • In the Class 4 hail test, 2 inch balls are shot at 104 feet per second (approximately 70 mph), to develop the intended kinetic energy.This test in the most rigorous test using the largest ice balls, impacting the product specimen 4-6 times.
  • Unlike many other roofing materials, tile can be replaced individually without replacing the entire roof.

Beauty Matters

Boral’s concrete tiles have texture and substance, creating a true multidimensional look for your roof. Their natural colorways harmonize easily with other exterior building elements.

Saxon Country Slate/Slate Impact

Unique beveled edges precisely define each roof tile for a staggered appearance, while its distinctive slate texture accurately reproduces the appearance of its natural counterpart.

Saxony Country Split Shake

This classic variation of both shake and slate tile adds a distinctive architectural style. Split Shake tiles are best suited for Cottage, Country and Traditional American Homes.

Saxony Shake

Captures rustic beauty of hand-hewn shakes. Ideal for French Country, Victorian Craftsman or Cottage architectural styling.

Madera 900

The most authentic, affordable replication of hand-split cedar shake roof available. With its realistic wood shake surface, Madera 900 will complement any architectural style.

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