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“If your entire interior remodeling is on the inside, but the outside of the house is more challenging, and you will never have the chance to show the inside.”

Texas, the year-round extreme weather condition experiencing state in the US, always demands the roofing construction services due to damages that need to be weatherproof preventing from life loss. Due to the destruction, repairs, replacements, and new installations are highly essential by the best inspection and estimation plan to offset and prevent any extensive damage caused by wind, rain, hail, or heat.

​Texas First Roofing & Construction is of the leading roofing and Construction Company in Frisco, Texas. Our highly skilled and experienced certified professionals are adequate to handle any size work smartly. Not only our job is to execute your roofing service, but also throughout Texas, people recommend our work for safety and quality assurance.

Our team has a distinct range of specialties, including:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Residential Re-Roofing
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Inspection
  • Residential Roof Repair
  • Roof Restoration

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